With years of experience in the fashion world, I can say for certain that I can help your business grow. Here are some of the services I can help you with.

Over 10 years of experience working with high-end manufacturers, distributors, retailers and brands, provided a unique understanding of all the steps of the industry. Merging actual production know-how with market trendsconsumer behavior and marketing, sets the foundation to establish an integrated marketing plan custom tailored client’s needs.

Through personal and interactive feedback, Beyond Fabric Consulting will analyze your company, brand, product, services goals, strengths and weaknesses to establish an active action plan on all fronts. We’re there every step of the way!

Over the years, Beyond Fabric Consulting has been developing an extensive database of Press Contacts worldwide, from renowned magazines, publications, blogs and influencers that provide a gateway to promote your brand.

Services include but are not limited to:
– Developing a brand communication plan
– Copy and creation of Press Releases, collection manifestos, etc.
– Matching media and influencers with the brand’s goals and universe.
– Developing and strengthen relations with press members and influencers.

Optimize your Social Media Channels to provide the ultimate omnichannel experience to your customers. Keep up with customer and market evolution by going social and actively interacting with your audience through exclusive content. Beyond Fabric Consulting will develop a Social Media Plan, evaluating the platforms your consumers spend the most time in and adjusting your communication to the best practices of those very platforms.

 This includes strategy and content development, publication calendars, visual identity, copy and managing client relations (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc.).

It’s has now been 6 years since streetstyle photography became a crucial part of Beyond Fabric, mainly during Pitti Uomo and Fashion Weeks and Events.  Clients include renowned publications such as GQ Japan, Glober Japan, Plaza Uomo, Fucking Young, Lobo Marinho and Gentleman’s Gazette.

The unique aesthetic of streetstyle photography caught the eye of several fashion brands who wanted a more raw, spontaneous approach to their campaigns, which led to me to start shooting campaigns as well.

Besides my own personal taste, which is obviously on display throughout the many posts on Beyond Fabric, Styling actually became a crucial part of my professional journey. Having spent 3,5 years at Farfetch as a Senior Menswear Stylist, allowed me to continuously hone my skills by working with a myriad of fashion brands with unique aesthetics and backgrounds.

This experience led me to work with several brands as a Menswear Stylist, not only for their lookbooks and campaigns, but also for social media, website, ecommerce and even in-store displays and visual merchandising.