Inspiration by 1st PAT-RN

It’s been quite a few years since the outstanding aesthetic of 1ST PAT-RN caught my eye while wandering through the corridors of Pitti. The distinctive colour palettes and attention to detail was truly unique and stood out amongst the array of collections on display. Envisioned by Cris and Silvia, the label draws inspiration from the military and navy, beautifully adapting original designs to contemporary, urban needs. 

One of the aspects that immediately made me fell in love with the brand, was just how passionate Cristiano is about the product and the extensive research he undergoes before developing any collection. His archives are a collection of historical know-how and unique memories, which he carefully translates to each garment and accessory. From fabrics, to colour palettes and small functional details, everything is carefully reproduced to modern standards while keeping a strong heritage feel.

As a loyal customer with roughly 10 purchased jackets and vests which have remained immaculate for more than 5 years now, I can definitely attest to its quality. The continuous R&D of new designs and innovative fabrics are but a few of the things that make me keep going back for more. 


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