Fear of God “The Seventh Collection”

Jerry Lorenzo has earned a spot within the contemporary streetwear universe with his acclaimed Fear of God label.  Founded in 2013, the brand has been gaining a cult following due to the L.A. designer’s unique take on casual staples such as denim, flannel shirts, and hoodies, not to mention his much-coveted military sneakers.

At first, one might even mistake Fear of God as yet another entry on the already overly-saturated market of streetwear labels, pouring oversized logo-filled hoodies one season after the next. However, Lorenzo is not just another self-proclaimed one-trick-pony designer, as his latest collection brilliantly showcases. In a recent interview, Jerry admitted coming to terms with being labelled an “outsider” and not “fitting in” and how owning it was actually was a game-changer and a fundamental part of finding his identity as a designer.

In my opinion, this is where Lorenzo shines, having created a brand that slowly evolved and structured over time like few others. The collections have adapted and become more mature and sophisticated, portraying the designer’s vision on discreet luxury, something that recently captivated the attention of Ermenegildo Zegna, with whom Lorenzo recently teamed up with.

The Seventh Collection, recently shown to the public, is the epitome of Fear of God’s evolution, merging its backgrounds and origins with a contemporary take on made-in-Italy tailoring that makes it truly unique. Kudos to Lorenzo for having made me rethink my view on his brand over the years, to a point where I would now wear almost every piece in his collection. This is the kind of designers we need today, those who are willing to grow, adapt and transcend boundaries instead of doing the same thing over and over again, based on sale numbers from the first collection when everyone still viewed them as fresh.


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