Introducing: Malloch’s

Next up on the list of independent labels to keep on your radar is Malloch’s, a small British brand with a passion for quality knitwear. Founded by Chris Chasseaud, who I worked with during my time at Norwegian Rain, Malloch’s is a purveyor of premium quality knits that favors timeless, classic styles. When I heard about the project, I was sure Chris’ perfectionist side would transpire into the collections and everything around it, even if running it as a parallel project to his core profession, much like my own capsules.

Embracing a slow fashion approach with limited production runs delivered by traditional British manufacturers, Malloch’s manages to stray from ephemeral trends and mismatched fashion calendars. By infusing timeless styles with a contemporary aesthetic and adding traditional techniques to the equation, the result is a fresh take on the essential knits everyone should own. The local manufacturing partners have been crafting garments for centuries and were carefully selected: the lambswool jumpers come from Hawick, Scotland, while the scarfs and other accessories are produced in Yorkshire, Leicester, and London.

While some may argue that the product range is somewhat limited, I find it just right, covering three core styles: crewnecks, rollnecks, and v-necks. Each is available in a range of colors and lambswool weights, from soft to chunky, easily adapting to different styles and occasions. Some small tweaks make each style feel unique, such as the set-in shoulders, a slightly bellow-out silhouette that drapes from the waistband, and the turn-up cuffs. It feels like a throwback to the prime time of Pringle of Scotland and Burberry, where knits were exquisitely crafted and would last for generations.

My experience with the brand has been quite positive. After thoroughly searching for a classic v-neck that wouldn’t break the bank, I recently purchased its camel lambswool version. It has since become one of my most heavily worn jumpers due to its fit, comfort, and warmth. I’ll post it soon but until then, feel free to browse Malloch’s’ website here

lifestyle images @adnatt

model @jamesjonathant

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