PACE “Family Commerce” Collection

Created by Felipe and Juliana Matayoshi, PACE is one of my favorite newcomers outside of the tailoring universe. I first met the Brazilian duo while they were living in Porto and their creations immediately caught my attention: a unique blend of contemporary streetwear with a Japanese aesthetic. In fact, Japanese culture plays a crucial role in the foundation and concept of Pace, as Felipe’s ancestors are from Okinawa.

Merging the creative brilliance of the designer duo and the sophistication and attention to detail present in Felipe’s family’s legacy results in a truly exceptional brand. Collections are a mix of modern garments with a hint of sophistication and tailoring, where every little detail is taken into account. As a small, family-run business with a slow-fashion approach, they are able to exhaustively test each prototype to perfection, guaranteeing the utmost quality in each drop. 

My love for PACE goes beyond the garments themselves, which are always beautifully accompanied by high-end accessories and more recently, a retro-inspired footwear collection. I believe they’re a perfect example of how modern labels should approach their market and the fashion industry in general – they have a perfect understanding of their market segment due to extensive research and interaction with their community of followers, they only deliver relevant products in their own adequate timing and they have a unique identity and purpose. 

Their latest collection “Family Commerce” is now online and is an homage to Felipe’s grandma Reiko Matayoshi. Inspiration came from one of her books, dating back to 1940 and depicting the story of a farming company in Okinawa, Japan. Pictures of its employee’s work and office garments were the starting point for the collection, which is one of the most comprehensive so far. 


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