Hermès SS22 Collection

For the last couple of seasons, Hermès has been dishing out some of the most beautifully curated collections of recent years. While some of the purists may criticize it for not being groundbreaking enough or not bringing something “new” to the table, the truth is that when you have such impeccable taste as Véronique Nichanian, there is no need for newness. In fact, Hermès’s latest collections are a prime example of how fashion can be impactful, luxurious, and beautifully appealing without having to go into the costumey or performative territory.

There’s so much beauty in the simplicity of its cuts, silhouettes, and styling that it’s difficult to take it in at once. The epitome of aspirational luxury is materialized through wearable, everyday garments that are elevated through an outstanding color palette, superb construction, and high-end materials.


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