Drôle de Monsieur SS22 Collection

I’ve been following Drôle de Monsieur for some time now, having even highlighted them as one of the French labels to keep an eye out for a few years ago. Creative directors Maxime Schwab and Dany Dos Santos have been consistently delivering sophisticated street-inspired collections, that appeal to both hardcore streetwear fans and those, who like me, fancy incorporating an occasional casual piece into their looks. 

And here is where the design duo behind the brand truly shines: in their understanding and vision of how separate worlds and fashion movements can seamlessly coexist to create a richer, contemporary aesthetic. They believe in union instead of dissociation, bringing together such opposed universes as streetwear and preppy, to create something fresh and very appealing. Despite the casual nature of its creations, Drôle de Monsieur has always had a unique approach that felt curated and elevated, making it quite distinctive. The “Not From Paris Madame” series – a humorous take on the fact they operate from Dijon – is a prime example of how to create graphic printed garments that stand out from the crowd.

For SS22, the brand draws inspiration from the 1980s Luxury lifestyle and sports, reinterpreting recognizable garments taken from Golf, Polo, and Cricket. Argyle sweaters are paired with pleated, knee-length shorts and suits, while tracksuits and slouchy denim add the right amount of sportswear to the mix. Personally, this collection seems like a step forward for the brand, elevating its trademark designs to new heights and establishing itself as one of the coolest French labels around. 

The collection will be available soon on Drôle de Monsieur’s website


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