Buttero FW22 – Pitti Uomo 101 Preview

Heading to Florence this time around, I couldn’t help to wonder if the tradeshow would resume part of its normality and brand roster. Last year it felt uncanny to roam around the corridors of the central pavilion only to witness closed stands and many of the usual brands missing. Although I didn’t have the same availability to thoroughly check each and every corner that time around, but as someone who has been continuously attending Pitti for about a decade now, it was an eerie experience.

Thankfully, things changed for the better this time around, with more exhibitors and attendees, even if still a long way from its glory days. One of the brands I was very pleased to see make a comeback was none other than Buttero, the iconic family-run footwear brand from Tuscany. If you’ve been following me for a while, you already know my love for the brand ever since I got to know it around 2010 while working at high-end menswear store Por Vocação. 

Buttero has come a long way since, becoming a world-renowned label much due to the success of its Tanino sneaker (considered by many as the best low-top in the market), but also due to its unparalleled quality and ability to innovate and adapt. Currently, it offers a wide range of designs from minimal sneakers to more avant-garde designs where bulky silhouettes are key, along with their trademark boot designs reminiscent of their origins.

I was only allowed to show you a few designs, but stay tuned for another superb collection coming later this year. Meanwhile, check their current offerings here.


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